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Moseley Grammar 1969-76

A series of images from a Birmingham (UK) secondary school.

These photos will expand if you click on them.

A Moseley Grammar School blazer badge (from 1974).

Andrew Greenaway, Andrew Smith, Roger Barker and James Hunt. The last day at school 1976.

Bob Benson, Andrew Smith, John Taylor and James Hunt. The last day at school 1976.

Mark Whitworth with Birmingham Schools Volleyball Shield c.1976.

The fourth year - end of year report - Mark Whitworth. This is probably one of the worst reports you will have seen in academic terms.

Prizegiving 1976 the cover.

Prizegiving 1976 the inside.

"Hole" - the cover of the students' magazine 1976.

"Hole" - an inside page of the students' magazine 1976.

Instructions for the school's St. Moritz skiing trip 1973-4.

The first year - Religious Education - Dolmen.

The second year - Biology - Bullock.

The second year - Mathematics - Cunningham.

The third year - Latin - Moore.

The third year - Biology - bullock.

The third year - Physics - Jones.

The fourth year - Chemistry - Anderson.

The fourth year - Geography - Cook.

The fifth year - Geography - Bealt.

The lower sixth - Mathematics - Hunter.

The upper sixth - Economics - "A" Level examination paper.

Seventeen of the "Y" class - 1969-74 (with the addition of Frank!) at the get together in the Wellington public house in May 2022.

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