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Chinese Whispers - Sources Books I & II

This bibliography includes sources used for Chinese Whispers Books I & II. Throughout, I have tried to document my sources of information accurately. As this research took place over some thirteen years, some may have slipped through the cracks. If this is the case, I apologise. As I am more used to writing academic papers than novels, my original inclination was to produce a work cited section in a standardised manner, such as MLA. However, I concluded that the format below is more user-friendly. Items that are highlighted in vivid orange are links to websites.

Maps - The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, National Geographic Atlas of China, Atlas of China Kunyu Publishing Co. Ltd., Google Earth, and Google Maps.

General History and Archaeology –New Perspectives on China’s Past: Chinese Archaeology in the Twentieth Century – Xiaoneng Yang, The Archaeology of China – Li Liu & Xingcan Chen, Illustrated History: China – Patricia Buckley Ebrey, The Cambridge History of Ancient China – Michael Loewe & Edward L. Shaughnessy, Banpo Matriarchal Society – Banpo Museum, He Nu, The Institute of Archaeology Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Through a Lens, The History Files, Roderick B. Campbell, The Xenophile Historian, Exploring Chinese History, ThoughtCo, China Tour 360, China Knowledge, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Li Liu, Google Earth.

Xia Dynasty – Totally History, Hub Pages.

Technology (including Carts and Wheels) – Discover Magazine, Wired, Miklas Scholz et al. 

War & Weapons – The Art of War – Sun Zi, World History EncyclopediaWorld History, Hurstwic, Travel China Guide.

Ice Dams & Fires – Down to EarthTumble Home, Blade Forums.

Writing, Counting & Chinese Terms – YABLA, LTL Mandarin School, MacTutor.


Sanmenxia – China Daily.

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