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An elephant in Malawi reaching into the trees for fruit


Welcome to my website. The time has come to put it to work to promote my upcoming book launches, which commenced in September 2021 and will see me go for broke in the Spring of 2024. Please see the books section for information.

Hey! The sections on this website are pretty easy! The books, bio and contact sections speak for themselves. The blog section will contain articles and short stories written at different times and for different audiences, as well as an update on what is going on in my life. The photo section is worth going through; it covers most of the countries we have visited or lived in over the last twenty years; I suggest using the slideshow feature as you see the whole image.

It is hard to sum up what this website is about; me, I guess! Having retired from regular employment, I am free to pursue a third passion – writing - a field I intend to excel in. It’s certainly more fun getting down and dirty with those words than scrapping fungi from under your toenails. You should try it!

Life is good! Life is fun! Life is love!

Let us all live for the love of each other.

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